Rebate Program

ClearVu administers a complete manufacturer rebate program on behalf of its customers. Enrollment is free and does not require a contract. Data is collected electronically from your specified distributors and is used to generate monthly rebate payments made out to your district. All your program data is accessible in Excel through the reports section of the Member Portal. ClearVu retains a small percentage of the rebates to pay for the program. There are no fees for the program, and it does not require a formal procurement by the district to participate.

Contract Pricing

ClearVu has nationally contracted pricing with over 350 manufacturers of food, disposables, chemicals, and supplies. ClearVu also has contracts for services such as uniforms, shoes, fresh bread, milk, produce, and many more. Contact ClearVu to learn more about how to take advantage of these opportunities.


ClearVu provides compliant procurement services for districts or groups that need additional support with their bidding. Whether it is for formal or informal, IFB or RFP, we have you covered. ClearVu will support your district with a procurement plan that will be compliant with State procurement audits. Contact ClearVu to learn more.


ClearVu has over twenty years’ experience with the USDA Donated Food program. ClearVu can assist manufacturers who are interested in participating in the USDA donated food programs including further processing. The USDA further processing program is a great way to market your products to school districts and ClearVu can make the process of participation easier to manage.