Current Industry Information


Members will view the most current industry alerts and recalls posted here. 

Produce Advisory

This report can be used to plan your fresh produce needs and to verify pricing trends you may be seeing from your local produce vendor.  Remember, ClearVu also has a nationwide network of produce suppliers members can use.

Inflation Reports

This information is valuable in determining trends in cost for many of the food supplies ClearVu members use.  It also includes information concerning diesel fuel which some of you may use as a factor in your distributor delivery fees. Finally, you will find information on disposable products and where pricing is headed in the near future.

Member Advantage

This monthly publication provides up-to-date information on important issues affecting your business.   Take advantage of what the publication has to offer.  Download it today!


From time to time ClearVu will share with you an issue paper having something to do with our school foodservice industry.  It could be something related to USDA, regulations, donated foods, emerging trends, or something legislative.  The purpose is to generate some dialog between members and ClearVu toward the improvement of the program.  Please feel free to comment and we are certainly open to different viewpoints.  There is always something to learn if you are willing to listen and we welcome your feedback.  [email protected].

Alerts & Recalls